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albert as a pup albert albert winning Junior Stakes
Silvanus Prince Albert at three and a half months Silvanus Prince Albert aged one year Albert after winning the Petplan Junior Stakes at Paignton, 2000
donna and three wires lily as a puppy lily as a puppy
Donna with Patsy, Albert and Lily Lily at 3 months, coat just starting to come in Lily at seven weeks
three wires martha sheena
Donna & Nick with
Albert, Amber & Patsy
Martha (Helmlake Rough Justice) Sheena (Hevesszeli
Makrancz Greta) [Hungarian import]
jezebel jezebel jezebel
These pictures are all of Jezebel at eight weeks of age
patsy patsy lying down patsy with her pups
Donna with Patsy (Silvanus Absolutely Fab) Patsy Patsy and her puppies
Rufus Basil Scarlet
Rufus Basil Scarlet O'Hara
Silvanus Oh Oh Seven albert Jezebel on point
Newboy "James"
aka Silvanus Oh Oh Seven
Albert at two years Jezebel on point
Albert & his girls dogs in field Patsy in bull rushes
Albert and his girls Dogs in field Patsy in the bullrushes
Siren  dogs in daffodils Wooster and Siren
Siren   A Spring scene, 2006 Wooster with new puppy Siren 

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