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Crufts 2007

How it all started: One of my first memories is of being lifted into the back of a Shooting Brake .. with a load of Afghan Hounds and Salukis.. then, when we arrived at the show, waiting in queues for the dogs to be checked by vets at Crufts and all the other championship shows, then being put into one of the cages - yes in those days all dogs were caged - so that my mother and grandmother knew I was safe while they showed… I must have been about 4 years old.

My mother bred Afghans and Salukis; my grandmother Poodles, Pekes and Boxers. I remember watching her trimming the poodles - just the same as today.

My mother and Salukis 
 My mother with some of her Salukis

Some things have changed greatly though; I remember them winning prize money that paid for the entries and petrol etc., while nowadays we just get a card.

My husband, Bill, and I fell in love with the breed when we saw Sheila Grey with the first imports .. we had to wait nearly 2 years to get our first one, Lilymere Delilah .. but it was so worth it. And it started such a wonderful relationship with this incredible breed.

Now here I am judging the breed I love at Crufts, 2007

BoB and BOS 
Best of Breed & Best Opposite Sex 
For more photographs of Crufts, 2007, click here 

Bill died in 2008 after a long illness. Due to the love and help that he put into the breed with me, we have been successful and hopefully have helped the breed move forward. We were founder members of the HWVA and he was Treasurer for many years, as he was in Weimaraners for NEWS. He is always with us and never forgotten.

Donna and dogs
Donna and (l to r) Jezebel, Albert, Lily and Patsy

Donna and dogs

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