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 Of course, Sh Ch Silvanus Oh Oh Seven

Sh Ch Silvanus Oh Oh Seven
(James) First Male Champion
Top Sire 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010
Sire of so many winners at shows, including
Australian Ch Miz Monipenny of Silvanus
 –––Ø–––  –––Ø–––  –––Ø–––
 My Solitaire for Silvanus (Doris)
1 CC & BOB WKC, 1 RCC Nat Gundog
& 4th in Puppy Group 2012
8 BP in Breed, 2 BOB,
1 Puppy Group, all whilst a puppy
and now just 13 months old
 –––Ø–––  –––Ø–––  –––Ø–––
Donna, Millie (Modesty Blaise 1CC) & Alistair Moss
 Silvanus Modesty Blaise (Millie)
Top Puppy 2010
So many BOBs and BCC SKC 2011
 –––Ø–––  –––Ø–––  –––Ø–––
Throstlenest Siren by Silvanus,
Crufts BP 2008
 Silvanus Prince Albert
Pet Plan Junior Stakes Finalist 2000
BD & BOS 2001,
BIS HWVA Club Show 2001,
Runner Up Top Stud Dog 2009
 Silvanus Prince Albert
 –––Ø–––  –––Ø–––  –––Ø–––
Ir. Ch. Silvanus Fanny By Gaslight
First Irish Champion
Top Brood Bitch 2009
 –––Ø–––  –––Ø–––  –––Ø–––
Silvanus Absolutely Fab (Patsy)
1996 Puppy Bitch States Winner at Three Counties CH Show
Top Brood Bitch 2004 & 2005, Runner Up 2007
Test of Work 2nd ... WC of GB and many more
Very many BOBs over the years
Silvanus Lady Hamilton
First HWV in New Zealand
Silvanus Moll Flanders
Dam of Cwsscwn Chintz 
Lilymere Delilah of Silvanus
Born April 1995
Top Brood Bitch 1999, 2001, 2002 & 2003
Australian Ch Silvanus
Lord Nelson
First HWV Champion in Australia
 –––Ø–––  –––Ø–––  –––Ø–––

Crufts Roll of Honour

 2002 BB & Best of Breed
Silvanus Queen Victoria Ruling Bardantop
[Borostyanko Marci x Silvanus Absolutely Fab]
 2003 BB & Best of Breed
Silvanus Nell Gwynne to Tragus
[Borostyanko Marci x Silvanus Absolutely Fab]
 2007 BP, BD & Best of Breed
Farnfield Cock Robin
[Sh Ch Silvanus Oh Oh Seven
x Silvanus Fanny By Gaslight]

BB & Best Opposite Sex
Tragus Ginger Rogers
[Sh Ch Silvanus Oh Oh Seven
x Silvanus Nell Gwynne to Tragus]
–––Ø–––   –––Ø–––  –––Ø–––
 2008 BB & Best Of Breed
Cwsscwn Chintz
[Silvanus Prince Albert x Silvanus Ezmi]

Throstlenest Siren by Silvanus
[Sh. Ch Silvanus Oh Oh Seven x Starfitt Molly]
 2009 BB & Best of Breed
Cwsscwn Chintz
Silvanus Prince Albert x Silvanus Ezmi

BD & Best Opposite Sex
Sh Ch Silvanus Oh Oh Seven
[Blamtrineven Bombadier
x Lilymere Delilah of Silvanus]
 2010 BD & Best Opposite Sex
Tragus Fred Astaire
[Sh Ch Silvanus Oh Oh Seven
x Silvanus Nell Gwynne to Tragus]
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